Welcome To Encinitas Prolotherapy

At Encinitas Prolotherapy, we are merging advances in Functional Medicine with breakthroughs using Stem Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma and Regenerative Medicine.  We assess each person using a functional approach to restore and rejuvenate. It’s anti-aging medicine. We offer regenerative procedures that allow healthy-minded people heal their bodies naturally. The goal is to get you better so you can avoid surgery and drugs. Our full range of services are designed to quickly and effectively restore you to optimal health so you can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle! Read more

Alternatives to Surgery

Regenerating ligaments, tendons and degenerative joints may sound like medicine of the future, but it is happening RIGHT NOW! Each year there are over 2 million joint replacements and over 20 million joint related surgeries performed. The truth is, advances in regenerative medicine are helping many people take another route to avoid orthopedic surgery using PRP to decrease pain and restore function.

Who is this for?

Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can be a great option for people who have been told that their only options to relieve joint pains and restore range of motion are steroids or surgery. Many of you would love to know about other cutting-edge treatment options. Stem Cells and PRP may help you avoid orthopedic surgeries with NO DOWN TIME. 


Conditions We Treat

Our individualized non-surgical orthopedic treatment options are recommended to each patient after review of imaging and careful consideration of each individuals medical needs and personal circumstances.

Regenerative Injection Therapy

Regenerative Injection Therapy

A safe, natural and effective non-surgical treatment option for chronic and acute conditions such as old injuries, joint pains and arthritis.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma

We harness the power of your body’s own proteins snd natural growth factors to enhance your ability to heal and regenerate your tissues.

Stem Cell Programs

Stem Cell Programs

Breakthroughs in scientific research allow us to administer stem cells to a damaged area and regenerate healthy tissue.

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Injection Therapy using stem cells and PRP is a natural and effective treatment for injuries, chronic pain and arthritis.

Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma are an effective treatment for musculoskeletal pains due to damaged soft tissue or degeneration. This is the secret of top athletes like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant to achieve amazing results and get back in the game with a shorter recovery time. PRP is one type of Regenerative Injection Therapy that has been effectively used in Orthopedic Sports Medicine for healing tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. There are over 8,000 peer-reviewed journal studies showing results with Platelet Rich Plasma across many fields of medicine.  The field is publishing new research almost daily on the benefits of stem cells in non-surgical orthopedics.