Elbow Treatment

If you suffer from chronic or acute elbow pain due to arthritis, bursitis, tennis elbow, ulnar collateral ligament damage, then you may benefit from physical therapy, traditional orthopedic care, non-surgical prolotherapy or PRP regenerative injection therapy.

The elbow is a strong hinge joint that allows flexion and rotation of the forearm. It also is the origin for most of the muscle of the wrist and hand, so is important for function of the arm. Three bones come together to form the elbow joint. A very common diagnosis for the elbow is picondylitis. The ending of “-itis” simply means inflammation. Attached at the elbow are tendons of muscles that connect to the wrist to give the full range of movement. Another common diagnosis is tendonitis. Typically when there is an issue with inflammation of these tendons and the tendon does not heal, it will turn into “tendonosis” over time. It is a state of non-healing of the tendon. It is not inflamed anymore but is also is not healing. The collagen fibers are breaking down faster than they are repairing so it becomes a degenerative condition.


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Conditions Prolotherapy and PRP have been shown to be effective treatment options for:

  • Medial or lateral epicondylitis (golfers or tennis elbow)

  • Extensor or flexor tendonitis/tendonosis or tears

  • Ulnar collateral or radial collateral ligament tears

  • Ulnar collateral or radial collateral ligament tears


This retrospective pilot study demonstrates improvement in pain, stiffness and quality of life for individuals treated with Prolotherapy for elbow pain.

Prolotherapy is effective in treating “golfers” elbow along with other golf related injuries.

Reduction of pain and increase in function was significant for patients in this trial study even after two years and especially as compared to those receiving cortisone.