I wanted to let you guys know about one of the hottest and most effective trends in medicine.  It’s called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  Platelet Rich Plasma procedures have been done now in this country for many years.  It has been used in surgery and by dentists primarily.  But we are uncovering new and exciting uses and a wide variety of applications.  We’re merging the latest advances in functional medicine with our regenerative procedures to achieve optimal outcomes. That’s what Encinitas Prolotherapy is all about. We’re using only the best technology and equipment here to get you the most effective and safest results. Encinitas Prolotherapy is setting a high standard. We have a talented group of doctors that are on the cutting edge of medicine. As a patient, when you come to Encinitas Prolotherapy for any of our Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cell & Regenerative Procedures, you can be assured that we are using FDA approved materials and only performing top quality procedures.  We’re getting excellent results using PRP and I want everyone to know about this.